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Our mission is to be your dedicated support partner, empowering you to make the most of your NDIS plan. Our friendly and experienced Support Coordinators are here to navigate the NDIS system and provide valuable guidance to you. 

With us by your side, let’s work together to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS plan and connect with the right service providers.

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What is NDIS Support Coordination?

NDIS Support Coordination is designed to assist NDIS participants in navigating and making the most out of their NDIS plans.

The primary goal of NDIS Support Coordination is to empower participants to exercise choice and control over their support arrangements. It assists participants in understanding their NDIS plan, the funded supports included, and how to implement and manage these supports effectively.

To develop a support plan that best meets the participant

Support Coordinators work closely with NDIS participants to understand their individual circumstances, preferences, and aspirations. They assess the participant's needs, goals, and challenges to develop a support plan that best meets their requirements and help participants connect with appropriate service providers, including allied health professionals, therapists, support workers, and community organisations to put their support plans into action. They assist in scheduling appointments, setting up services, and coordinating various supports to ensure a seamless experience.

To provide coaching and skill-building opportunities

Support Coordinators aim to build the participant’s capacity to manage their own supports independently over time. They provide coaching and skill-building opportunities, empowering the participant to take greater control of their NDIS journey. The level of Support Coordination provided is determined based on the participant’s individual needs and circumstances outlined in their NDIS plan.

What does an NDIS support coordinator do?​

An NDIS support coordinator is a professional who helps people living with disabilities and their families navigate the NDIS system and access the services and support they need.

Some of the tasks an NDIS support coordinator may perform include:

Assist to build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate your supports.

Providing information and guidance on the range of services and support available under the NDIS, including housing, employment, education, and health care.

Helping to coordinate and manage services, providers and budgets as outlined in the participant's NDIS plan.

The goal of an NDIS support coordinator is to connect participants with NDIS providers, community and other Government services assisting to achieve their goals

How can our NDIS Support Coordination Services Help You Achieve Your Goals

As an NDIS participant, you have goals that you want to achieve. However, navigating the NDIS system and accessing the support and services you need to achieve those goals can often be challenging. That’s where our NDIS support coordinators come in – we are your partners in understanding NDIS plan and connecting with services.

An NDIS support coordinator can offer you assistance in various ways including:

At Better Connections NT, we believe that effective communication and collaboration are key to providing quality NDIS support coordination services. Our support coordinators work closely with participants, their families, and service providers to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that you receive the best possible outcomes from your NDIS plan.

Our NDIS Services

NDIS Support

Support workers provide a wide range of services and supports, including personal care, domestic assistance, community participation, social and recreational activities, and skills development. Our team works in a variety of settings, including the person's own home, in the community, and in residential settings.

NDIS Funded Activities

Funded activities are formed to encourage and help people living with disabilities to achieve their goals, build skills and confidence, and participate more fully in their communities. These activities which include NDIS cooking classes, NDIS funded art classes, NDIS shed program, NDIS metalwork classes, NDIS automotive classes and our Day program are an effective way to improve overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Short-term accommodation

NDIS short term accommodation provides a temporary accommodation option helpful for a range of reasons, such as to provide respite for carers, to support people with disabilities during a period of transition, or to provide a safe and supportive environment for people with complex needs who require intensive support.

Customised Employment

With our NDIS customised employment servies, we can provide a flexible process designed to personalise the employment relationship between a job seeker and an employer.

How Better Connections NT can assist you

Choosing your supports and providers through the NDIS can be overwhelming – that’s where our team can assist. One of our support coordinators will guide you through the process, from activating your NDIS plan to accessing your supports. We’ll connect you with people and services in our local community and help you understand your options.

Everyone deserves to achieve their goals

With Better Connections NT’s support coordinator services, you can rest assured knowing that there is a trusted partner throughout the entire process! Get in touch today and start getting assistance from an experienced NDIS Support Coordinator.

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