NDIS Funded Activities

Transforming lives and unlocking potential through better connections.

Connecting with others helps people feel included and valued and makes an immeasurable difference in a person’s day-to-day life. Participating in activities with other people who share similar experiences gives us a sense of community and support. We believe everyone deserves access to the right social activities, where they can feel safe, included, and fulfilled.

NDIS funded activities - Puzzle
NDIS funded activities - Cooking
NDIS group activities, water sports

Engage in NDIS Group and Centre-Based Activities?

Are you looking to build new skills, improve your health and well-being, or expand your social connections? Consider joining one of our centre-based NDIS activities including our NDIS art classes, cooking classes tailored for NDIS participants, or our engaging Shed program that covers woodworking and automotive activities.

Our NDIS activities are designed with YOU in mind. We create experiences that match your goals and interests, making each interaction meaningful and enjoyable. Our offerings continuously evolve, including our latest addition: a gardening program

NDIS funded activities art class session

What are the benefits of NDIS funded activities through Better Connections NT?

Our approach is centred around supporting and encouraging individuals to participate in activities that they enjoy and that will help them develop new skills, increase confidence and be connected.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel independent, valued and connected, and our activities and classes are designed to make this possible. Whether you're looking for social opportunities or prefer a more independent approach, we have something for everyone. Let us help you transform your life and experience the benefits of being part of a supportive community.

What types of NDIS funded activities do we offer?

Better Connections NT provides NDIS participants access to fun activities. We offer NDIS funded programs that will give everyone the opportunity to reach their goals while connecting with friends, old and new. Our team provides a caring and can-do attitude environment that every NDIS participant benefits from. We let you find the right activities for you or your loved one that help to unlock the potential within each individual.

we offer a variety of activities to engage in and broaden your horizon. Our range of NDIS funded activities include:

NDIS Provider cooking activity
NDIS funded activities cooking session with BCNT staff

NDIS Cooking Classes

As an NDIS participant, joining our NDIS cooking classes is an opportunity to enhance your skills and confidence.  We provide support while helping you explore new recipes and develop your cooking skills. Join us for fun, tasty learning experiences that will leave you feeling connected and empowered.

When you join us for an NDIS cooking class, you can connect with other participants and build a sense of community. You’ll also gain valuable skills that can help you live more independently and make healthier choices. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labour with some delicious food to take home.

Our team will guide you through a range of delicious recipes and cooking techniques, helping you to develop your skills and learn new tips and tricks. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, our classes are sure to be a fun-filled and inspiring experience.

NDIS Cooking Class Times

Tuesdays: Between 10.00am-4.00pm

NDIS Cooking Classes​

What are the benefits of attending an NDIS cooking class?

NDIS cooking classes offer several benefits that go beyond just learning how to cook delicious meals.

Reduce social isolation

For many people living with disabilities, social isolation can be a significant problem, often resulting from a lack of opportunities to interact with others. With Better Connections NT’s cooking classes, we can provide an opportunity to connect with others and build relationships in several ways: shared interest, learning from others, group activities and community building.

Expanded knowledge and skills in the kitchen

Expand your knowledge and gain confidence in the kitchen. Learning new recipes, cooking techniques, and ingredients will let you gain a better understanding on how to prepare delicious and healthy meals and give you a sense of accomplishment.
Experience the joy of cooking through our NDIS cooking class and learn new recipes while having a great time. Join us today!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to build your skills and confidence in the kitchen.

NDIS Funded Art Classes

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funded art classes have the power to transform your life in several ways.

Art classes can be a rewarding way to explore your creative side, build confidence, and develop new skills. NDIS-funded art experiences come in many forms, from painting and drawing to sculpture or photography – the possibilities are endless.

NDIS Funded Art Class Times

Mondays: Between 10.00am- 12.00nn

NDIS Funded Art Classes

What are the benefits of attending NDIS art classes?

Improved health and well-being

Improving your mental health and wellbeing is an important part of leading a fulfilling life. NDIS funded art classes are an impactful way to accomplish this goal. Not only do art classes provide an outlet to express creativity, but they also allow those with mental health difficulties to take the time they need to relax and be mindful. Whether painting, drawing, pottery or any type of creative venture, these classes provide a great opportunity to tune out the outside world and focus on creating something unique and beautiful.

Opportunity for self-expression and creativity

NDIS funded art classes offer a great opportunity to open up a world of creativity and self-expression. In these classes, participants can learn and participate in various forms of art such as painting, modelling and sculpting. Going through this creative journey allows people to discover their own voice and use it to make something beautiful, to think outside the box and access their imaginative side, and to contribute to their personal growth and development.

Increased independence and self-esteem

NDIS art classes give you the tools to create amazing works of art, but the process of creating something with your own hands can help to boost confidence, engage with those around you and get connected with a supportive community. Grow your artistic talent and build your self-worth. Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills through funded art classes that will give you the opportunity to try new things, experiment with different materials and techniques, and learn to think creatively.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to build your skills and creativity in arts.
NDIS Funded Activities shed programs
NDIS Funded Activities shed programs in action

NDIS Shed Program

We are committed to providing a variety of NDIS funded activities that promote growth and creativity in all participants. Our Shed Program is a shining example of this commitment with its hand-on approach to learning and inclusivity for both men and women. The program is designed to cater to everyone. Whether you’re interested in woodwork, metalwork or automatic classes, our program offers a safe and supportive environment for you to connect, learn and explore new skills.

NDIS Metalwork Classes/ NDIS Woodwork Classes/ NDIS Automotive Classes Times

Mondays: Between 9.30am- 2.30pm

NDIS Metalwork Classes

If you have ever wondered what NDIS metalwork class all about is, let us be your guide. A metalwork class is simply a workshop designed to teach people how to create custom metal objects through welding, soldering, and other techniques. NDIS metalwork classes provide participants the opportunity to develop new skills, connect with others in their community, and boost their confidence through creative expression.

Our team is ready to help participants master this rewarding craft and discover new possibilities for their future.

NDIS Metalwork Classes run

Mondays: Between 9.30am- 2.30pm

NDIS Funded Activities metal work classes for Kids
NDIS Metalwork Classes

What are the benefits of attending NDIS Metalwork classes?

Unleash Creativity

Opportunities to explore and express creativity through metalworking projects

Enhanced practical and problem-solving skills

Opportunities to build self-confidence, develop practical skills in metalworking techniques such as cutting, welding, and shaping metal and enhance problem-solving skills through troubleshooting and finding solutions to metalworking challenges

Unlock access to tools and equipment

Exposure to a range of metalworking tools and equipment and develop new skills with our NDIS Metalwork classes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to build your skills and creativity in metalwork arts.
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NDIS Woodwork Classes

If you’re looking to explore your creativity and learn a new skill, our Woodwork Class could be just what you need. This class is an opportunity for participants to come together in a supportive environment to learn the art of woodworking. You’ll receive expert guidance and support as you develop your skills and create something truly unique. From building functional furniture to crafting decorative pieces, there’s so much you can accomplish in this class.

NDIS Woodwork Classes run:

Mondays: Between 9.30am- 2.30pm

NDIS Woodwork Classes​

What are the benefits of attending NDIS Woodwork classes​?

Mentorship and Support

Building self-confidence through successfully completing woodworking projects and overcoming challenges

Expanded knowledge on woodworking

Opportunities to learn practical woodworking skills such as sawing, drilling, carving, and sanding and to express creativity and design your own woodworking projects.

Gain Access to tools and equipment

Exposure to a variety of woodworking tools and equipment to develop new skills in our NDIS Woodwork classes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to build your skills and creativity in woodwork
NDIS Automotive Classes

NDIS Automotive Classes

Welcome to our NDIS automotive classes where empowerment and skill-building drive our mission. Our classes are designed to offer NDIS participants more than just automotive skills – they provide a pathway to enhanced confidence and independence. Through hands-on learning, participants delve into the world of automobiles, gaining practical knowledge that goes beyond the workshop. Our dedicated team ensure a supportive and engaging environment, tailored to individual needs. Join us in discovering the joy of learning, the pride of mastering new skills, and the road to increased self-reliance through our NDIS automotive classes.


NDIS Automotive Classes run:

Mondays: Between 9.30am- 2.30pm

NDIS Automotive Classes

What are the benefits of attending NDIS automotive classes?

Increased independence

Developing skills related to automotive repair and maintenance can also help individuals with disabilities become more independent, as they may be able to perform these tasks themselves instead of relying on others.


Automotive classes can provide individuals with disabilities with an opportunity to learn new skills related to the automotive industry, such as auto mechanics, car detailing, and auto body repair. Developing these skills can help individuals build their confidence


Attending automotive classes can provide individuals with disabilities with an opportunity to socialize with others who share similar interests. This can help individuals build social connections and a sense of community.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to build your skills and knowledge in automotive classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS funded activities are open to participants with disabilities who are:

  • looking to develop their cooking skills, creativity and problem-solving skills
  • on the lookout for necessary resources to live independently and engage in their community
  • willing to join regardless of their level of experience or a beginner
  • always on the lookout for new, fun and interesting activities
  • self-sufficient and wants a sense of control and independence
  • open to meet and connect with others

All program participants are welcome to come and join a class. We offer one free session to try. If you would like to try a free session, please contact us to make arrangements.

Programs are run all year round with a two week break over Christmas and New Year. We do not run programs on most public holidays.

Currently, each program is offered in a two-hour stretch, except for youth groups with three- hour long and day programs for a full day with overnight respite are also available.

NDIS Cooking Classes

Tuesdays: Between 10.00am-4.00pm

NDIS Funded Art Classes

Mondays : Between 10.00am- 12.00nn

NDIS Metalwork Classes/ NDIS Woodwork Classes/ NDIS Automotive Classes

Mondays : Between 9.30am- 2.30pm

Youth Group

Fridays and Saturdays: Between 10.00am- 7pm

Day Program

Daily: 8.00am- 5.00pm

Classes are capped at a maximum of 3 participants per cooking class, 5 participants for art classes and 6 participants for metalwork, woodwork and automotive classes depending on ability as we aim to match clients with similar abilities.

Currently, our programs and activities include beginner sessions only for cooking classes, while for art classes, are designed to suit the participant’s ability and facilitators can assist where needed. For metalwork, woodwork and automotive classes, participants can choose the level they are at based on skills and what they would like to make. Pre-designed projects are currently available and they can also be supported to create something of their own design.

Everyone of all ages is welcome to join and have fun.

Discover activities that bring out the best in you or your loved one.

Our team cares about your success and creates a supportive environment for everyone to thrive. Start your incredible journey with us today and let's accomplish great things together.

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